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Price £450

We will thoroughly research up to 4 or 5 generations of your family beginning in the early part of the 20th century which should take you back to the early 19th/late 18th century. This includes up to 10 Birth, Marriage and Death certificates. Of course everyone's family history is different and research is dependent on surviving records, but a typical project is likely to include such features as ancestor personal profiles, census reports and records, military records, occupational reports and employment records, as well as easy to read at a glance charts and time lines, maps and location reports or histories and relevant historical background information. We will also do our best to illustrate our work with appropriate pictures and photos. We can also include copies your own photos and any other relevant information you are able to supply and wish to be included in your family history portfolio. Where documents such as wills or professional certificates, for example, have to be specially ordered and paid for, this will incur an extra charge. If such documents exist we will advise you of this but will not order them without your prior permission.

Our research is dependent on the availability of existing records and it may not be possible to identify every single family line. Where information is very limited, we will advise you of this and we may be able to supply you with the available information at a discretionary, reduced price or offer you an alternative avenue of research such as further generations of known ancestors or extended family members. We aim to be able to produce between 75 - 100 pages or more, for this kind of package. If you wish to upgrade to our Premium package at any time you may do so for the difference in the cost. If you wish to commission further research other than package products, you will also receive 20% discount on any of our other services.
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